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Mom and dads future

[size=150]i spend every tues and weds over at mom and dads, he is eating very little and since losing all that weight he is just skin and bones, he doesn't want the grandsons to come and see him, he doesn't want his friends to visit because he doesn't want them to see what he looks like, he just sleeps all the time he can't watch tv because his eyes are going and he can barely stand he just barely walks inside the condo, mom is looking after him 24/7 but she's getting some home care workers soon to help she say soon she won't able to look after him at home and he will have to go to a hospice I don't know much about them and one lady on the bus told me that her mom was in a hospice and died from choking on her food and not cancer because the people there didn't help her when she was choking I did not tell my mom this part of the story I just told her the lady on the bus said it wasn't a good idea any info on hospices, I'm crying myself to sleep every night and dh is doing much worse then me, he is crying every time I bring up dads name since we lost his dad last year in June to Parkinson's also how do I look after mom she says she loses a lot of money after dad is gone how can I make she's taking care of[/size]i s