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In hospice

In hospice now, mom phoned yesterday saying that dad either had a few weeks or days to live we were both crying.
Dad is so skinny from the meds and barely eating
Dads not talking very much but he knows who everybody is,it's hard to watch mom go through this as Christine did last year, but what is worse Parkinson's or cancer? I think they are both bad but for different reasons.
I see mom trying to feed dad and then say swallow just as Christine did last year with Herbert, the similarity is so amazing and scary I don't know why I have to go through this again and mom should have her golden years with dad , dad shouldn't have leave us this soon.
I told him my vow to make sure that mom and the boys would be taken care for the rest of our life's. I told dad about the guilt I was feeling and asked for his forgiveness but he was sleeping so not sure if he heard me.
Mom has been in the hospice from 8-8 everyday since dad was brought in, then Dave sleeps here overnight so he is never alone.
Today is the first day I came to the hospice I took my T.A.B leave if absence until the end of August and I just had holidays to miss fireworks week but not much of a holiday because we didn't go anywhere and I tried to help mom as much as possible now I'm on leave
Dad sleeping in hospice bed few words at a time, little bit of lit, dad doesn't like people talking