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Work is getting so bad

I try to be more assertive but its more like me being upset all the time. I don't want be mad at anyone but I feel like I'm being pushed around a lot.
Thursday, Kelsey was in the kitchen I was helping a customer in sandwich bar Kelsey had finished helping a customer in the hot case I asked him to help another customer in the sandwich bar he said he had something to do I said it was just a panni then after he said I almost made a sandwich I just turned around and said awe poor thing and then after he got all angry and was pushing stuff on the floor. Yesterday, I was helping a customer and sauerkraut comes up saying some one wants a sandwich I said I'm helping a customer why can these boys not make a sandwich when I'm helping a customer.
Also there were 3 people putting out chickens and no one helping customers plus I also have Danny trying to make me fall whenever I get get near he puts the garbage can or trolley in front of me I have been putting up with this years. How long it's going to take before I get respected. I know I need to earn respect but its hard when people are bringing u down.
And this year since we have lost Rob's dad, uncle bob and auntie Eleanor this is the first year without them. I remember we we went and got aunty Eleanor last year from her assisted living home. She was so happy she sat on dads leather chair it was hard for walk but she did make it to the dining room table for Christmas dinner, dad said she didn't walk much but she always made to every meal

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